Spending 13 and a half hours in one room may seem tough, but for the well-oiled team of service and trouble dispatchers operating OUC’s front lines around the clock is just another day on the job. Dispatch serves as a direct communication line between OUC and fire/police departments within our service area. They also manage outage calls when traditional customer service is closed to ensure the safety and reliability of electric and water services for OUC customers.

Distribution operators and dispatchers must work quickly and efficiently to dispatch an outage to trouble and field technicians. “In order to maintain our reputation as The Reliable One, we strive to respond and resolve outage calls within an hour,” said Antonio Munoz, Dispatch Supervisor.

“The best way I can describe this team is that we are a big family,” he said. “When a storm or hazardous condition arises, all dispatchers know the role they have in restoring service for our customers.”

Storms are unmatched against the teamwork and camaraderie of the Dispatch team. “When operating through the chaos of storms, I know my coworkers have my back,” said Joe Goodrich, Trouble Dispatcher. “They are my second family.”