Just a year ago, Maria Cabreja, Materials Demand Buyer in Supply Chain Management, witnessed her hometown of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico face the wrath of powerful Category 4 Hurricane Maria.

As the storm barreled toward the island, Cabreja and her family rushed to find anything to seal water leaks in the house. “We did that for 10 hours,” she said, “wringing out towels as quickly as possible to continue to stop the rush.”

The storm caused billions of dollars in damage, and the island’s electric grid was destroyed. “It was over a week before I could get in contact with my family,” said Cabreja.

With limited food and water and no end in sight, Cabreja became worried for the wellbeing of herself and her three children. So, she decided on a temporary move to Orlando.

During her time here, she noticed Orlando offered her children more opportunities. Honeywell Aerospace, her employer at the time, let her work remotely for a while, but a final decision became imminent.

Restoration efforts were still grim in Puerto Rico, so she decided to make her stay in Orlando permanent. During her job search, she stumbled upon OUC.

“I chose OUC because of its reputation,” said Cabreja. “I was aware of the company’s strong commitment to Orlando and surrounding communities.”

After nearly seven months with the Commission, Cabreja says she’s now certain she made the right decision.

“I am proud and grateful to be a part of the OUC family. And, it brings me so much joy knowing that my new company has helped Puerto Rico get back on its feet,” said Cabreja.

Last October and November, OUC sent a crew to the island to assist with power restoration.

Cabreja is now settled at OUC and her children are enjoying life in sunny Florida.