Robert Carver uses a smartphone app when he needs to make adjustments to his smart irrigation controller.

Since installing a smart irrigation controller on his Southwest Orlando home’s sprinkler system, Robert Carver says the benefits of using the Wi-Fi-based technology have been obvious.

“It not only conserves water for environmental purposes, it’s also not overwatering my yard. I think my yard is healthier because of it,” says Carver, an OUC customer since 1987. On average, he has saved $20 per month in irrigation costs and reduced his water consumption by about 10,000 gallons over the July-October 2021 billing cycles.

Carver says an OUC rebate of up to $200 on EPA WaterSense®-labeled controllers influenced his decision to buy a Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, costing him $149.99.

“It was nice to get a rebate for the entire cost,” he says.

The smart controller is so smart that it emails Carver to let him know that it’s not going to run the sprinklers because rainfall is expected or the lawn doesn’t need watering. It’s also synched to daily sunrise times and sets irrigation schedules for predawn hours when evaporation has less impact on watering.

And, adds Carver, “It adjusts for the seasons. It knows you don’t need to water as much in the winter.”

Using a smartphone app for the Rachio 3, Carver says he can easily turn irrigation on or off, adjust run times or override the controller’s decision not to water.

“It’s so simple to install and use,” he says. “There’s no subscription fee, no monthly service charge for the app. I’m totally satisfied. I’m so glad I did this.”

This rebate is only available to OUC potable water customers with in-ground irrigation systems. Click here for more information and to apply for the rebate.