‘Tis the season to give “green” gifts to friends, family and even yourself, and we’re not talking cash and gift cards. Here are environmentally friendly gift ideas that will help reduce energy and water consumption:

  • Smart Irrigation Controller An EPA WaterSense®-labeled controller acts like a thermostat for your sprinkler system, except it’s much smarter. It adjusts sprinkler run times based on recent rainfall amounts or the expectation of rain, and it’s easy to use with a smartphone app. OUC offers a rebate of up to $200 on the purchase and installation of one of these devices.
  • Light Bulbs ― Energy-saving light bulbs may not sound like a fun gift to give, but they are the gift that keeps giving for years to come. Many can even change colors and connect to smartphone apps.
  • Smart Water Monitor This intelligent device keeps track of water consumption 24/7 and issues leak-detection alerts to a smartphone app. Some models enable users to shut off water using the app. Check out the list of smart water monitors are that are eligible for a $100 OUC rebate.
  • Smart or Programmable Thermostat ― It allows you to set comfortable temperatures while you’re home and minimize heating or cooling when you’re not.
  • Solar Charger – These portable smartphone chargers are an easy charging solution and allow you to take advantage of free and abundant solar power.
  • Pressure Cooker It requires significantly less liquid than traditional cooking methods, and it is insulated to prevent energy from being lost.
  • Low-Flow Shower Head These can help reduce your water bill and cut down on water usage.
  • Solar Landscape Lights With solar-powered outdoor lighting, there’s no need to run long extension cords to outlets. They run on free energy and turn on automatically as darkness falls.
  • Electric Blanket – This temperature-controlled gift turns the bed into a personal comfort zone. You can lower the home thermostat and still stay warm with an electric blanket.