As electric vehicles grow in popularity, commercial and multifamily residential property operators in Orlando realize that providing EV charging stations makes good business sense.

But whether the cost of installing and maintaining them does or doesn’t, OUC’s Commercial EV Charging Service can help. It’s a program that offers commercial properties two options for installing EV chargers:

  • Charge-It: OUC owns, installs and maintains the stations, with the customer paying a fixed monthly fee over a contracted period of time.
  • Own-It: OUC designs, procures and installs the stations, with the customer owning them outright.

Real estate property manager Alana Guinard of Foundry Commercial took advantage of the first option when the owners of Gateway Center said they wanted an EV charging station installed in their office building’s parking garage. Guinard turned to her OUC Key Account representative, Derrick Williams, for help and the rest, as they say, is history.

OUC took care of all site-preparation work for installing a dual-port Level 2 EV charging station, installed it and continues to maintain the unit.  OUC’s Commercial EV Charging Service offers Level 2 and 3 chargers that can deliver a full charge in 3½-plus hours and 30-plus minutes, respectively.

“We have some tenants who drive electric cars and we wanted to add a charging station as an amenity,” said Guinard. “OUC made sure we had the proper electrical setup to support an EV charger and took care of everything else. The project went fairly easy.”

Since the installation at Gateway Center, a 17-story office tower near eastbound I-4’s Lake Ivanhoe exit, William said he has noticed an uptick in interest in EV charging stations. “Commercial property managers and owners are reacting to the electric vehicle trend,” he said. “They’re beginning to see EV charging stations as necessities they’ll need to have to attract customers, employees or tenants, just like providing parking.”

Interested in OUC’s Commercial EV Charging Service? Submit an EV Charging Service Questionnaire, or for more information download our brochure and catalog, or contact us at 407.423.9018.