From left: Richard Parks, Line Tech I; Billy Bauknight, Line Tech I; Mark Fisher, Line Tech II;  Rick Collier, Lead Line Tech; and Greg Young, Warehouse Associate I

OUC customer and real estate broker Racquel Schroeder, owner of East Park Realty in St. Cloud, on Aug. 17, 2021, complimented an OUC crew for its quick response to a blown transformer. Schroeder was showing a $1.47 million lakefront home in St. Cloud when the power went off, descending part of the East Lake Reserve community into darkness. She immediately called longtime friend and retired OUC Line Tech I J.P. Campbell, who now works as a Contract Support Specialist, to see if he was aware of the outage. He wasn’t, but Campbell made a call to OUC, and within minutes a crew was on its way to help.

Schroeder posted the following compliment on her East Park Realty Facebook page:

“Thank you Jerry Paul Campbell, Rick Collier, Bill Bauknight, Ricky Parks, Mark Fisher and Greg Young for coming to the rescue tonight! We had an evening showing of this incredible lakefront home in East Lake Reserve when a transformer blew down the street. Within minutes OUC was there they acted quick to get a new transformer delivered and power restored within 2 hours. The neighbors raved about how fast they responded. OUC – The Reliable One #OUCProud Clint Bullock you have great quick response team.”