In May, OUC welcomed our 2019 Emerging Student Program interns from universities across the state. We’re talking to some of them to learn more about the work they’ve been doing this summer. Tatiana Fagen, Key Accounts and Development Services Intern, shares her experience below.

Q: What school do you attend, and what do you study?
A: I am Social Entrepreneurship major at Rollins College.

Q: How do your studies relate to your role at OUC?
A: As a social entrepreneurship major, we study how companies can be successful in regards to the bottom line but also how they can benefit society, through the people they serve and the environment they operate in. The projects I am currently working on at OUC champion the idea of social entrepreneurship by keeping the community and environment as the focus in their initiatives.

Q: What’s been your favorite project or assignment?
A: My favorite project so far was the recycling initiative project with the Corporate Sustainability team. I got to speak with employees all over the Commission to better understand the culture of recycling and how to improve it.

Q: How has it been working with other departments on these projects?
A: It has been a great experience. I thought I was going to be working alone for the majority of the time, but I have got to interact with many different departments here at OUC. From my experience at OUC, collaborating with different departments is key to fully understanding a project and creating solutions.

Q: Would you recommend the Emerging Student Program to someone seeking an internship?
A: Yes, many people don’t think about working in a utility company but there are so much more opportunities than what is seen on the surface level. There are so many departments working together with many different areas interns can specialize in.