Jim Zboril, Managing Director of Tavistock Development Co. 

This is part of a series of articles highlighting OUC’s reputation as a trusted and reliable community partner.  In 2020, utility customers nationwide ranked OUC the “2020 Most Trusted Brand” among electric utilities in an independent survey conducted by Cogent Syndicated Brand Trust Index.

As Managing Director of Tavistock Development Co., Jim Zboril oversees the organization’s large real estate projects, including its newest Sunbridge. Here he discusses Tavistock’s impact on Central Florida and the company’s partnership with OUC ― The Reliable One.

“What I like most about my job is the ability to create new things, collaborate with all kinds of people and do something that hasn’t been done before,” Zboril said. “When I joined Lake Nona in 2004, we had a blank palette of amazing land next to Orlando International Airport. It was our job to create something amazing out of that property. We took that seriously, knowing that the places we create become a legacy for years to come.

“As a privately held company, Tavistock is able to take a long-term view that allows us to embark on multi-year projects,” he continued. “Our unique view benefits the Sunbridge project and the Central Florida region by being able to make long-term decisions and sustain investment.”

Sustainability is an important aspect of Tavistock’s ability to deliver legacy projects for the benefit of future generations, and OUC is a trusted partner in this pursuit.

“We take a comprehensive approach to sustainability, including water conservation, energy-efficient homes, solar programs and environmental protection,” Zboril explained. “As a partner, OUC has contributed significantly to our programs since 2004 when we began collaborating on the Lake Nona development. As we look forward to the development of Sunbridge, our newest community, we will work with OUC to figure out the next level of sustainability.

“Both Tavistock and OUC believe that trust is an important aspect of what we do. We share the belief that we must execute at a very high level of reliability and predictability. And we both believe that sustainability is the key to the future.”

When asked what he thinks of OUC in terms of reliability, Zboril said, “OUC listens to what the needs are and offers comprehensive and customized solutions to meet those needs. Ultimately, those solutions help reduce costs and improve outcomes. We trust OUC to provide all sorts of solutions across our infrastructure, from basic needs like power and water to more alternative needs like solar and partnerships in the community.

Zboril added that Tavistock’s partnership with OUC facilitates many community events. “We have over a thousand events a year, from smaller events like yoga in the park to larger scale events like Run Nona, and OUC sponsors most of them,” he said. “I like to say that it’s not about the sticks and bricks that make up our built environment, but rather the people and events that activate that environment and make it unique. At the end of the day, we’re place makers that set the table for people to energize these places.”

Zboril said the relationship between the two companies — much like their shared commitment to sustainability — is a long-term investment.

“Our partnership with OUC allows us to think outside the box and to reach collaborative solutions that wouldn’t exist if we didn’t really work together with the end goal in mind of satisfying our customers,” he said. “Also, being transparent at all times, even when things don’t always go as planned, is what makes our partnership strong.”

The Cogent Syndicated Brand Trust Index – the leading utility customer relationship and engagement study in the nation – is a composite score of a utility’s performance on customer focus, community support, communications effectiveness, reliable quality, environmental dedication and reputation. For 2020, Escalent conducted surveys among more than 70,400 residential electric, natural gas and combination utility customers. OUC earned this national recognition because of its unwavering commitment to all of these areas.

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