Carolyn Fennell, Senior Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

This is part of a series of articles highlighting OUC’s reputation as a trusted and reliable community partner. In 2020, utility customers nationwide ranked OUC the “2020 Most Trusted Brand” among electric utilities in an independent survey conducted by Cogent Syndicated Brand Trust Index.

As the Senior Director of Public Affairs and Community Relations for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), Carolyn Fennell is keenly aware of the importance of trust and reliability when it comes to delivering world-class customer service.

“Orlando International Airport is part of a world system. In order for that system to work, there has to be connectivity. There has to be power. There has to be energy. And there has to be reliability,” Fennell explained. “Whether it’s providing power that’s required, backup generation when needed, or new inventions that position us for the future, our partnership with OUC provides us with all of those needs.”

Since its inception in 1975, GOAA has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with OUC. “When we look at the transition of this airport from a Quonset hut to this world-class facility, we can say that OUC has been a part of that history,” Fennell said.

In addition to reliability, Fennell talked about the importance of sustainability, saying, “We believe that the values of reliability and sustainability very much align with Greater Orlando Aviation Authority’s commitment as a global organization to providing reliable service and sustainable facilities. As a trusted partner, OUC not only helps us provide the power we need, but also helps us conserve energy through a solar array.

“OUC will help us navigate the future in terms of the sheer reliability and need for power to operate this very complex facility,” she said. “That includes being able to respond to emergencies now, as well as being able to successfully achieve energy reduction and work toward sustainability in the years to come.

When asked to comment on OUC being named the Most Trusted Electric Utility in the nation, Fennell said, “That recognition points very well to the kind of facility we want to provide.”

The Cogent Syndicated Brand Trust Index – the leading utility customer relationship and engagement study in the nation – is a composite score of a utility’s performance on customer focus, community support, communications effectiveness, reliable quality, environmental dedication and reputation. For 2020, Escalent conducted surveys among more than 70,400 residential electric, natural gas and combination utility customers. OUC earned this national recognition because of its unwavering commitment to all of these areas.

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