Since we started the OUCommunity Solar program in 2013, it’s been incredibly exciting to bring together a group of customers as dedicated to clean energy as we are at OUC.

The enthusiasm from our OUCommunity Solar subscribers has been tremendous, so we’ve created an exclusive group just for them! It’s called the Bright Bunch, a network of loyal members that are dedicated to expanding solar in our community.

We had the chance to meet some of these folks at this year’s Central Florida Earth Day Festival at Lake Eola on April 20. They picked up their official member kits, complete with a hat, t-shirt, magnet, stickers, sunglasses and a yard sign to proudly display their commitment to clean energy.

Check out the environmental contributions the Bright Bunch has made so far!




Bright Bunch Perks

The Bright Bunch loyalty program offers:

  • Exclusive events with other subscribers. This is the perfect opportunity to meet other Bright Bunch members to network and discuss common interests and initiatives.
  • Bright Bunch quarterly newsletter. Read our quarterly newsletter to discover more information on green initiatives, keep up with solar energy news and find out dates of future events to add to your calendar.
  • Social media recognition. Help OUC spread the word about going solar by interacting with us on social media. Use the hashtag #OUCBrightBunch to show that you’re proud to be an OUCommunity Solar subscriber. You’ll be able to shine a light on all of the benefits of contributing to solar, so that others can join too!
  • Bright Bunch member kit and subscriber yard sign. We want to recognize all of your support of the OUCommunity Solar program with some new Bright Bunch gifts*—a thank you for your generous contribution to spreading light here in Central Florida.

Become a Member

To learn more about the OUCommunity Solar program, visit We can shine brighter together!