Would you like to have solar power, but can’t for some reason?

Perhaps the upfront cost is too high. (An average 5 kW photovoltaic array can cost $15,000 or more to install, after all.) Perhaps you rent your home, or own a condo with HOA restrictions on solar panels. Or maybe you have a rooftop that is shaded by trees or nearby buildings.

If you are in any of these situations, you now have another option for solar power.

The OUCommunity Solar Program

We’re making innovative solar solutions affordable and accessible to all customers through the OUCommunity Solar program. This program gives OUC’s residential and business customers access to sustainable, maintenance-free solar energy without the hassles and costs associated with installing panels on their homes or businesses.

Features and Benefits

  • No up-front expenses, installation or equipment maintenance costs
  • No rooftop required
  • Ability to move with you to another residence or business in OUC’s service territory
  • Clean, green renewable energy at an affordable price


How Community Solar Works


Community Solar Rates

Residential and commercial electric customers can subscribe all or a portion of their monthly electric bill to be powered by solar energy. Customers can opt for a percentage of their electric usage in 10 percent increments at a fixed solar rate of .06 per kWh in lieu of the normal fuel charge portion of their bill.

Here’s a bill example:

How to Sign Up

Want to take part in the OUCommunity Solar Program? Use our solar calculator to estimate the percentage of solar energy that works best for you. Then, fill out the community solar enrollment form.