With April being Water Conservation Month, OUC – The Reliable One reminds customers that saving water is a lot easier to do with our help.

OUC offers residential water customers money-saving rebates on several home improvements that reduce water use. Thinking about renovating the landscaping or replacing toilets in your home? Our rebates could lessen the cost of these projects.

Install a WaterSense©-labeled smart irrigation controller and you could qualify for a rebate of up to $200. A homeowner who did reported saving $20 a month on his irrigation costs. We also offer a rebate of up to $100 on the installation of a smart water monitor, a device that keeps track of water consumption and sends leak-detection alerts.

With our Efficiency Delivered© program, OUC Conservation Specialists will conduct a free home energy and water audit and make recommendations for reducing water and energy consumption. For households with annual incomes below $40,000, the program pays 85% of approved upgrades costing up to $2,500. Households with incomes between $40,001 and $60,000 may qualify for 50% cost sharing, while $60,000-plus households are eligible for rebates.

Here are some easy-to-do steps you can take for saving water at home:


  • When washing your car with a hose, always use a spray nozzle to stop water flow between rinsings
  • Clean driveways and sidewalks with a broom instead of a hose
  • Check for leaks in outdoor faucets, pipes and hoses, repairing any leaks promptly
  • Cover your pool or spa to reduce evaporation
  • Check for pool/spa leaks, making repairs promptly


  • Repair leaking faucets and toilets
  • Install water-saver flush valves in toilets
  • Install water-saver shower heads
  • Take short showers
  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • Wash only full loads in dishwasher and clothes washer
  • Recycle water rather than pouring it down the drain (For instance, used water from a fish tank is good for watering plants)
  • Only flush toilet paper down the toilet
  • Use the garbage disposal sparingly
  • When you wash dishes by hand, fill up the sink with water and turn off the faucet