OUC – The Reliable One is here to help commercial customers that are struggling to lower their costs as the coronavirus pandemic deepens the economic downturn. Our small business efficiency programs are perfectly suited to find long-term savings in energy and/or water consumption without sacrificing the quality of your business.

Take, for example, the Primrose School of Lake Nona. A free OUC Commercial Energy and Water Efficiency Audit identified areas where the business could realize substantial energy-related savings. The audit included a rate review that found the customer could save money by switching to our demand rate pricing structure and recommended installing LED lighting. The owner agreed to implement the survey’s suggestions and received an LED lighting installation rebate of $1,425, which offset 22% of the project’s cost (average is usually 5%-10%). Since taking advantage of OUC’s small business efficiency programs in 2019, Primrose School has saved an average of $150 a month on its electric bill.

Perhaps your business could see similar savings.

To get the ball rolling, go to our Business Energy Advisor platform and peruse all the business-specific recommendations available to you as an OUC commercial customer. Then request a free Commercial Energy and Water Efficiency Audit by calling 407-423-9018 or emailing commercialsvcs@ouc.com. To request a rate review, email commercialsvcs@ouc.com with the account name and number.

Here are other assistance programs OUC offers commercial customers:

  • Commercial rebates: OUC offers rebates on everything from AC system upgrades to attic insulation improvements to installation of Energy Star® windows. Click here to apply for a rebate.
  • Custom Incentive Program: It offers customized incentives to businesses that install energy-efficient upgrades in their facilities. From lighting upgrades to refrigerator efficiency, you can create your own plan that will help your business save the most. Click here for a program brochure, here for information sheets and here for an application. Or call 407-434-2256 or email conservationsupport@ouc.com to start a conversation on how we could help your business and save you money.