An OUC water main at Misty Oaks apartment lies broken and exposed after a torrent of water from a breached retention pond washed away pavement and the ground under it.

As the winds of Hurricane Ian began to die down on Thursday, an OUC Water Distribution crew responded to a water main break at an apartment complex off of West Colonial Drive near Pine Hills. The break occurred when a breach in a retention pond on the eastside of Misty Oaks apartments unleashed a torrent of rainwater that washed away pavement and the ground underneath it.

A breach in a retention pond sent a deluge of rainwater into Misty Oaks apartment early Thursday.

Resident Tarard Chester said he was in the ground floor apartment he shares with his grandmother when a loud noise woke him up at about 4 a.m. He said he looked out a window facing the retention pond and then ran to the door to brace it for the impact of rushing water.

β€œI tried to keep to keep it from coming through the door, but the water still got under it and into the apartment,” he said.

OUC sent a crew of water technicians to the site at about 11 a.m. and they stayed until they had completed a temporary repair that restored water service to the three apartment buildings impacted by the break. A new water main will be installed later when the washed-out areas are repaired.

β€œIt was like a dam broke and the water just washed out anything in its path,” said Timmy Tillman, Lead Water Technician, who spearheaded the repair project.