Did you know you can keep tabs on your daily – and even hourly — electric and water consumption with OUC’s Usage Dashboard?

Located within your myOUC online account, the Usage Dashboard includes separate bar charts for electric and water usage, with daily high and low temperatures overlaid on them.  Knowing temperatures helps put your power use in perspective because they influence how hard your HVAC system works to cool or heat your home. The electric usage dashboard also provides data on your latest full-day energy use and average daily energy use, both in kilowatt hours.

For a more detailed look at your electric consumption, just click on the History tab at the top of the dashboard, then select View Hourly Usage on the right side of the page. Knowing the times of day your power usage rises could help you reduce consumption. For example, it you see a spike in kilowatt hours during midday hours when your home is usually empty, you, or whoever is last to leave the house, could raise the thermostat a few degrees and turn off lights and ceiling fans.

If you want to know when your daily electric use climbs to a certain number of kilowatt hours, set up an energy email alert.

The dashboard’s water consumption option also provides insights into usage, which could help you identify opportunities to conserve water and lower your utility bill. Something to keep an eye out for is unusually high water use, a tell-tale sign of leaky home or irrigation pipes.

Check out this instructional video on accessing your OUC Usage Dashboard.

Note: The Usage Dashboard is not available to all customers, including solar and water-only customers; however, we plan to add this functionality in the future.