Growing up, we all learned how electricity was discovered and by whom. While the jury’s still out on who actually discovered it, we can assure you it takes a lot more than a kite and key to power a bustling city like Orlando. Since the city opened its first power plant in 1901 – a lone generator, driven by a 150-horsepower steam engine that powered only a few homes, stores and streetlights for dark to midnight – we’ve made significant advancements in power generation. Fast forward more than a century, and we’re producing energy for an ever-growing population and booming tourist hotspot whose future is sure to be brighter than ever.

As we look toward the area’s future energy needs, and a cleaner, greener tomorrow, we’re developing an Electric Integrated Resource Plan – or simply and energy roadmap – to determine how to best meet the needs of our customers for the next 20 years.

OUC’s Lake Ivanhoe Power Plant circa 1926.

The plan will define our electric future in a way that best balances reliability, affordability, sustainability and resiliency. And, to do this, we want to hear what’s most important to our customers and our neighbors so we can take this into consideration as we develop the plan.

Now through June 30, we encourage Central Florida residents, especially OUC customers, to visit to learn more about the effort and to let us know your thoughts. The site includes a short educational video, frequently asked questions about the process and an input form to help us understand what’s most important to our customers.

OUC customers will be asked to enter their account number, which can be found at the top right of their paper bill or by signing in to