Did you know that July is “Smart Irrigation Month?” It is, and OUC is offering customers a new incentive to encourage them to water their lawns and landscaping intelligently.

Install an EPA WaterSense®-labeled controller on your irrigation system and you’ll save not only water and lower your monthly bill, but also get a rebate of up to $200 from OUC! The rebate is applicable to two types of new standalone WaterSense® irrigation controllers ― weather-based and soil-moisture-based. Both types of controllers water only when it’s needed, and they determine how much water your landscaping needs.

With proper installation, programming, and maintenance, homeowners can use these controllers instead of standard controllers to save water. According to the Central Florida Water Initiative, WaterSense controllers can reduce water consumption by up to 30%.

“We are so excited to offer our new smart irrigation controller rebate and believe it will help our customers save water and money, especially during the rainy season,” said David Mayer, Supervisor of Sustainability. “These WaterSense® labeled controllers have the potential to immediately help customers save a substantial amount of water and pay for themselves quickly once you factor in our rebate.”

This rebate is only available to OUC potable water customers with in-ground irrigation systems. Click here for more information and to apply for the rebate.