When a serious storm is on the way, your top priority is the safety of your family, which includes its four-legged members. The best thing you can do for your pets in the event of an emergency is be prepared. Check out the tips below to get started on your storm action plan for your pet:

Always bring pets indoors at the first sign of a storm. Severe weather can scare and disorient animals, causing them to wander or flee.

Put together a pet emergency kit. Include several days’ worth of food and water, an extra collar and/or leash, first aid supplies, blankets and any medications your pet is currently taking.

Keep photocopies of appropriate documents on hand. This includes vaccine records, medical history, veterinary contact information, any additional types of registration and a list of emergency contacts.

Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and tag with identifying information. The tag should have the pet’s name, contact information and any urgent medication needs. The ASPCA also recommends you microchip your pets; if they are separated from you and are brought to a shelter or veterinarian, the chip can be scanned and used to contact you.

Keep current photos of you and your pet together on hand. In the event of a separation, this can help you document ownership and allow others to assist you in searching for your pet. Make a note of species, breed, age, sex, color and other distinguishing characteristics.

Have a list of pet-friendly shelters and facilities ready in case you need to evacuate.

 Learn more emergency preparedness tips at ouc.com/stormcenter.