OUC EV DRIVE UP TEAMFrom left: Pete Westlake, Linda Ferrone, Luz Aviles and Kevin Noonan represented OUC at the 2020 legislative session.

As a show of support for zero-emission transportation, OUC executives and local elected, business and community leaders traveled to Tallahassee in a convoy of electric vehicles for the opening day of the 2020 Florida Legislative Session.

Sponsored by OUC – The Reliable One and the Orlando Economic Partnership, the convoy of eight rented black Tesla Model S 75D’s and an OUC Chevrolet Bolt made the 260-mile trip on Jan. 14, delivering about 30 people representing a range of issues, including affordable housing, workforce development and transportation solutions. OUC’s delegation of EV advocates included Linda Ferrone, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer; Pete Westlake, Manager, Customer Strategic Projects and Finance; Kevin Noonan, Director, Legislative Affairs; and Luz Aviles, Vice President, Customer Experience & Sales.

OUC’s team sought to impress on state officials and lawmakers the need for EV-friendly policies that would support construction of EV charging infrastructure throughout Florida, electrification of buses and diesel-emission reduction.

“OUC, specifically, attended the session because electric vehicles were included as part of the transportation policy topic,” said Ferrone. “We have expertise in this area, having helped Orlando become a top 10 EV-ready city in the United States, and we believe our leadership could help the state do more to encourage EV ownership.”

OUC is set to help Orlando expand its EV infrastructure to more than 350 charging stations, including 63 at Orlando International Airport.

Said Clint Bullock, General Manager & CEO of OUC: “We’re proud to be taking the lead on EVs, and we want to work with not only our commercial customers but policymakers in the state to make Florida better prepared to sustain electric transportation.”