On behalf of OUC, Richard Boley (left), Lead Line Tech, receives the 2022 FMEA Safety Award from Amy Zubaly, Executive Director of the Florida Municipal Electric Association.

For the 21st consecutive year, OUC—The Reliable One’s commitment to safety has been recognized with a Florida Municipal Electric Association (FMEA) Safety Award.

Electric linework is one of the country’s top 10 most dangerous professions. Florida lineworkers and power crews place themselves at risk of receiving serious or fatal injuries while providing affordable and reliable power. For this reason, OUC emphasizes not only the importance of safe work practices but also employee wellbeing.

“At OUC, safety is one of our core values and is woven into everything we do. Our top priority is making sure our employees return home safely every day to their families,” said Latisha Thompson, OUC’s Chief Employee Experience Officer. “This includes ensuring our employees have access to continuous safety training and mental health resources.”

FMEA member utilities are placed in categories based on total annual worker-hours and rewarded for the most incident-free records as defined by the Operational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The incidence rate used to judge utilities was based on the number of work-related reportable injuries or illnesses compared to the total number of worker hours during 2022, as defined by OSHA. OUC was included in the 950,000-2,499,999 man-hours category.

The annual award was presented to 13 Florida public power utilities at the FMEA Lineman Competition awards banquet in Orlando.