And the Talend Data Masters Award goes to . . . OUC’s Meter Data Operations team. Back row, from left: Norman Peelman, Data Tech Administrator; Wardell Peterson, Business Support Specialist; Bill Dawson, Business System Analyst; Vince Hannah, Data Tech Administrator. Front row, from left: Al Torres, Data Tech Administrator; Dawn Frye, Manager, Meter Data Operations; Jackie Story, Lead Systems Analyst

OUC’s Meter Data Operations team is the winner of the Talend Data Masters Award, a prestigious international honor that recognizes innovative solutions to complex data management challenges. The team garnered the accolade for its development and implementation of the cloud-based Meter Data Platform (MDP), an application that compiles and analyzes large sets of data generated by OUC’s automated metering infrastructure (AMI) and helps turn the information into actionable objectives.

Talend, a global leader in data integration and integrity, recognized OUC and other recipients of its 2021 Talend Data Masters Award on Nov. 3, 2021, during its virtual Talend Connect conference. Talend said the award recognizes companies that demonstrate “vision and leadership in deploying Talend Data Fabric in compelling ways to make their businesses more agile, effective, and data driven.”

The award came with a $1,500 donation OUC could make to a charity listed with GlobalGiving. Dawn Frye, Manager, Meter Data Operations, said her team chose the Veterans Assistance Fund because “OUC has a strong representation of veterans.”

Meter Data Operations’ nomination was based on the team’s intention to “stop throwing away data” produced by more than 400,000 smart electric and water meters OUC has in the field. The MDP accomplished that objective, providing the capability to store all AMI-produced data ─ 23 terabytes over two years ─ and yield reams of information one business unit or another could use to achieve any number of specific objectives, particularly conservation goals.

The nomination cited as a use case the MDP’s effectiveness at helping OUC detect usually high uses of water, possibly due to a leak, and/or energy. This capability proved indispensable when OUC recently asked customers to reduce water consumption because of a shortage of liquid oxygen, a key component in our water treatment process. Utilizing targeted MDP data, OUC can make customers aware of extraordinarily high water and/or energy consumption in an attempt to encourage conservation.

The platform also identified and corrected 15,000 service points with geographic coordinates by automation, saving 2,500 hours of data entry, according to the award nomination.

“This data was literally was being thrown away and not used before we launched the Meter Data Platform,” said Frye. “Eddie Fee, [Director, Meter Services] and I recognized the need to build a platform that could capture all meter data, and it would allow OUC to make informed decisions to improve operational processes, resulting in better customer service. This award is a big deal because a small company like OUC is being recognized along with some well-known global brands.”

Online retailer eBay, skincare products maker Estèe Lauder Cos. and The Hartford insurance company are the other U.S. winners of the 2021 Talend Data Masters Award.

Said Clint Bullock, General Manager & CEO, upon hearing Meter Data Operations had won the award: “Congratulations to the entire team! Data Masters…that has quite a ring to it. Well done on receiving this award and for being recognized by the industry as a high achiever with a focus on digital transformation. Thank you for all your hard work.”