Three simple ways to help the planet are to reduce, reuse and recycle. So, for Earth Day, make it a challenge to get creative using what you already have lying around the house.

  • Recycling or upcycling clothes is a great place to start, says Natalia Paredes, Corporate Sustainability Coordinator. Textile waste, or clothes and cloths tossed in the trash, strain our environment, resulting in 9% of municipal solid waste and significant pollution. Give new life to old fabrics with this avocado dye tutorial from our friends at the Orlando Science Center.
  • Get your kids involved in an environmentally-themed activity. This easy and fun shaving cream rain cloud reuses a few household items to teach little ones about one of Earth’s biggest processes. For more fun ways to teach your family about water, energy and conservation, check out OUC’s Kid Power tool.
  • Looking to stretch your creative muscles even more? Paint a rain barrel. With the week’s rainy weather and summer just around the corner, now is a great time to invest in a rain barrel, a container that collects rainwater runoff for irrigation, reducing the need to run your sprinkler system. Even if you can’t find a barrel where you live, a large trash can with an accompanying lid will work. Involve your whole family in decorating – you can even hold a household contest for design ideas. And, if you’re an Orange County resident, consider it practice for OUC’s annual Water Color Project!

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