1 S. Orange building in downtown Orlando

Just by retrofitting 164 lighting fixtures with LED bulbs, a 1913-era brick office building in downtown Orlando will reduce its electric consumption by nearly 70,000 kilowatts per year for an annual savings of $5,849.

But that’s not all, 1 S. Orange Ave. also qualified for an $11,734 rebate from OUC for installing a new, more efficient chiller system. The air-conditioning unit is projected to increase the building’s total energy savings to 78,725 kilowatts per year, reducing its carbon footprint by 47 metric tons, and bring the property’s total annual energy savings to $6,560.

JLL property management came upon the lighting savings through OUConvenient Indoor Lighting, a program that relieves commercial customers of upfront costs related to the installation of energy efficient light bulbs. In return, customers make monthly payments, usually over five years, before recouping the financial savings of their lighting upgrades. OUC offers a similar program for outdoor lighting, too. The new chiller earned a rebate through OUC’s Custom Incentive Program, which offers financial incentives to businesses that make energy efficient upgrades.

Participating in OUConvenient Indoor Lighting is easy, with OUC handling everything from the lighting audit by our contractor to installation of energy efficient lights and their control systems to helping guide the client through the rebate process. The program also applies to new commercial construction in OUC’s service territory.

“The lighting audit is very detailed,” said OUC Key Account Executive Derrick Williams II. “It includes the total number of fixtures to be retrofitted, what kind of bulbs will be installed in the fixtures, their lumens, watts and lifespan in operating hours, and kilowatt savings.”

Lindsey Talbert, JLL assistant property manager of 1 S. Orange, said the lighting upgrades were done only in the building’s common areas. OUC’s contractor, Light Year, performed the work during business hours without inconveniencing tenants or visitors.

“We didn’t run into any issues,” she said. “Anytime we had a question, Derrick and Light Year were very helpful.”

Since the lighting upgrades were completed, Talbert said, “We have seen a noticeable improvement. The hallways and stairwells are much brighter and we’re very pleased with the results.”

Interested in OUC’s lighting incentives for commercial customers? Click here to submit an online request or contact us at 407.434.2106.