Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist

Dustin Catrett is a Senior Environmental Compliance Specialist at OUC—The Reliable One. Along with overseeing OUC’s Avian Protection Program, Dustin is responsible for managing the environmental requirements for many large OUC projects, including construction of new transmission lines, substations and other facilities, as well as contaminated site remediation, wetland permitting and chemical storage. Before joining OUC in 2007, Dustin worked as an Environmental Compliance Inspector for Orange County’s Environmental Protection Division, inspecting industrial facilities and construction sites for multiple environmental compliance requirements. Prior to that, he served as an Environmental Specialist with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Dustin holds a bachelor’s in Environmental Science from Columbia Southern University.

An accomplished outdoor writer, Dustin’s works have been published in numerous well-known publications and websites throughout Florida, California, Minnesota, Georgia, Texas, Australia, and the United Kingdom.