This past Saturday, Sept. 16, OUC representatives helped lead a commemoration of military veterans during the UCF Knights’ football game against Villanova University. Commissioner Cesar Calvet, a distinguished United States Marines Corps veteran, and Nathan Cheatham, OUC mechanical technician and a former U.S. Marines Corps Sergeant, were on the field for the game’s coin toss, symbolizing OUC’s deep-rooted connection with the armed forces.

Commissioner Calvet also had the privilege of participating in The Game Ball presentation, a moment that underscored OUC’s enduring support for UCF and the military community.

Prior to the game, Luz Aviles, OUC Vice President of Customer Experience & Sales, participated in a radio interview that spotlighted OUC’s commitment to our nation’s military veterans. Topics discussed between the show host and Aviles included OUC Veterans, OUC100, clean energy initiatives, customer assistance programs and OUC’s valuable partnership with UCF’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. Aviles’ presence and insightful remarks added depth to OUC’s support of UCF’s military appreciation event and highlighted OUC’s multifaceted involvement with veteran programs.

Also prior to the game, tailgating fans were treated to an appearance of OUC’s wrapped Nissan Electric Vehicle (EV) at UCF’s IOA Plaza. UCF football fans were invited to explore the EV, and learn more about OUC’s EV initiatives by speaking with Kyle Hirshkind, OUC Senior Marketing Coordinator. Signage at the event promoted OUC’s Robinson Mobility ReCharge Hub. Fans were also provided with OUC tote bags, creating a memorable and interactive experience.

This event was not just a game; it was a celebration of the brave men and women who have served in the military. OUC proudly sponsored this game, leaving an indelible mark of support and appreciation.