What can you do with closed customer service drive-through? At OUC’s Gardenia facility, we repurposed with a purpose.

Meet our Living Wall and Rain Harvest Garden. These sustainability features combine conservation, aesthetics and wellness.

Our Living Wall helps support a greener future through the growth of edible, medicinal, Florida-friendly and drought-tolerant plants. To conserve water, the vertical garden uses low-volume (or micro) irrigation. Plants are strategically placed (or companion planted) so they are stronger and can thrive, while also allowing for pest and disease mitigation, creation of pollinators and attractors for butterflies, bees and birds.

The sustainable Rain Harvest Garden is a hybrid garden that has a minimal impact on the environment and works in harmony with nature to grow herbs, seeds and berries. The strategically placed plants attract butterflies, bees and birds — all while allowing for natural pest and disease mitigation.

For a closer look at the Living Wall and Rain Garden, take a video tour.