The end of summer break presents parents with a good opportunity to readjust their home’s energy and water use to keep utility costs down. Here are some easy-to-use conservation tips that will make a difference on your monthly OUC bill while schools are open:

  • Keep the fridge closed.When you’re packing lunches, don’t leave the fridge open. Remove all needed items first. Leaving the door open lets cold air out and wastes energy.
  • Use a laptop.If you have one accessible to you, use a laptop instead of a desktop for homework that requires a computer. Laptops use significantly less energy than desktop computers.
  • Set your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. Each degree you lower the thermostat below 78 degrees can cost you 6% to 8% more on your cooling costs. Set it even higher when no one is home.
  • Keep showers short.Doing this not only saves water, but gets your kids out the door faster.
  • Wash clothes in cold water. Between school, sports and clubs, laundry can pile up. Make sure you’re washing only full loads in cold water. Washing clothes in hot water can add about 90% to the cost of each load
  • Ditch the oven.Instead, use a toaster oven or microwave. They use less energy and make meal prep easier on busy school nights.
  • Cover windows when it’s hot outside. Use blinds to repel sunlight and heat, especially on windows facing east or west.
  • Unplug unused electronics. Gaming consoles and other entertainment systems are still using energy while sitting idle.
  • Keep tabs of your energy & water use. All OUC customers can access their Usage Dashboard located within their myOUC online account. This tool can help you manage electric and water usage and save money on your utility bill.  

Find out how you can improve the energy efficiency of your home with a free OUC Efficiency Delivered home energy-efficiency audit. This program offers a variety of rebates on upgrades that reduce energy and water use.

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