With schools back in session, many parents resume hectic daily routines as they juggle their schedules with their children’s school hours, homework and extracurricular activities. While it may be difficult to follow an efficient, smooth-running routine when schoolchildren are involved, you can still run an efficient household by following these conservation tips:

Keep the fridge closed. When you’re packing lunches, don’t leave the fridge open. Remove all needed items first. Leaving the door open lets cold air out and wastes energy.

Use a laptop. If you have one accessible to you, use a laptop instead of a desktop for homework that requires a computer. Laptops use significantly less energy than desktop computers.

Turn up the thermostat. With the kids at school all day, there’s less need to cool your house. When the house is empty, bump up the thermostat to 78 degrees or above to save energy and money.

Keep showers short. This not only saves water, but gets you out the door faster.

Practice good laundry habits. Between school, sports and clubs, laundry can pile up. Make sure you’re washing only full loads in cold water.

Ditch the oven. Instead, use a toaster oven or microwave. This uses less energy and makes meal prep easier on busy weeknights!