Orlando resident Charles Tews applauded OUC’s swift response to Hurricane Ian and thanked Trouble Technicians Buck John (left) and Robert Coffie (right) in particular. While most of his neighbors had their lights back on within hours after the storm had passed on Sept. 29, Tews remained without electricity for three more days because of a fallen tree that had severed the overhead powerline that runs to his underground service. Tews had to have the tree removed and a licensed electrician on site for OUC to reconnect service.

On Oct. 2, Buck and Coffie told Tews they would work with the electrician to ensure power was safely restored to his home and assured him they would not leave until the job was done.

“By 7 p.m. Sunday evening we had six OUC trucks (and our electrician) working until past 10 p.m. to restore our power!” Tews wrote in his letter. “When a widespread event like Ian occurs, I would imagine you hear more about what went wrong as opposed to what went right. I witnessed what went right via Buck and Robert and the dedication, quality and commitment of the OUC team last Sunday night on Spring Lake Drive.”

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