A downtown Orlando developer wanted to build new townhomes where a historic home stood near Lake Eola. Instead of tearing down the 1921 home, built just after World War I, the developer received permission from the City of Orlando to hoist it from its foundation and move it two blocks away.

There was just one problem: Power lines were in the way. If the move was going to succeed, it needed the cooperation of OUC electric engineers and line crews to temporarily remove the power lines.

“Our team worked with construction crews to determine what lines needed to be disconnected along the relocation path,” said Kristen Harrington, Distribution Engineer. “We committed to keeping service interruptions as short as possible, so crews were available to reconnect power as soon as the home was out of the way and it was safe to do so.”

Ahead of the disruptions, OUC notified neighbors via phone calls, door hangers and the area’s homeowners’ association. The move was completed in a few hours with minimal delays.