The City of Orlando has been selected as one of 10 cities nationwide to participate in the Solar Energy Innovation Network, a collaborative research effort administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and supported by the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office.

Working with OUC, GreenLink Group and the University of Central Florida, the team will investigate approaches to create a roadmap to a 100 percent renewable energy goal for our city. Additionally, the team will use real-world data to address long-term challenges of increasing the reliability and resilience of the electrical grid with renewable energy.

“As the electric grid continues to evolve through the increased use of renewable energy and distributed generation, we must also be mindful that we need to provide outstanding reliability to our customers,” said Sam Choi, Emerging Technologies and Renewables Manager, who is working on the project. “The data derived from this study will help ensure OUC’s electric grid remains robust as numerous new solar projects of varying size come on-line.”