Dave O’Dell is a power plant veteran with 25 years’ experience. In fact, his first job after serving as an electrician in the United States Navy was at the Indian River Power Plant in Titusville, then owned by Reliant Energy. He came to OUC seven years ago as a combined cycle operator.

At Stanton B, O’Dell’s responsible for operating and maintaining the combined cycle units and oversees 13 operators and 6 technicians. Gas generation is part of power production and adds to OUC’s diverse energy portfolio.  He said the biggest shift in his role has been collecting thousands of pieces of data to find inefficiencies by comparing current operating data from when the plant first opened. He and his team then consult with vendors about new technologies to address and resolve these inefficiencies.  His favorite part of the job is seeing the success of his operators and the plant.  “OUC has one of the most environmentally-friendly natural combined power plants in the country,” remarked O’Dell. “We’re very successful, and I’m proud of my operators and technicians. It’s enjoyable to see them succeed.”

Proudest OUC Moment
During the spring of 2017, O’Dell’s team performed the first major overhaul on the combined cycle units. The 42-day planed outage involved completely disassembling and reassembling the combustion turbine and steam turbine. Once complete, the plant started perfectly – a moment that he took great pride in.

Favorite Part of OUC
O’Dell’s favorite part of OUC are the team members who work here. He enjoys meeting people in different business units and collaborating on projects.  Looking to the future, O’Dell hopes to see OUC continue to push the envelope and be on the leading edge of technology to remain competitive.